Social Media Tool: MyAlltop

Disclosure: I am the Chief Evangelist for Alltop

For those of you familiar with social media and Alltop, you’re probably wondering how or why MyAlltop can be considered a social media tool. The answer is simple, regardless of your role in the social networking world, but especially if you’re an organization considering or executing a social media marketing plan you should be — reading more.

First, take a minute and twenty-one seconds to watch the Alltop tutorial video put together by Atelier Transfert — it’s Alltop in coconut shell. (Note: You may recognize the voice as co-author of Trust Agents, Julien Smith).

Second, scan through our more than 650 alltopics via keyword search, by category or alphabetically and identify the ones that are relevant to your niche, products, and services. To get you started I’ve listed a few alltopics to get you started:

Many factors are considered in the order of the sites on each alltopic page, however it is important that you or a member of your organization set aside some time to explore the different sites before selecting your MyAlltop choices.

Once you’ve sorted through and identified the sites whose news are most beneficial to you and your organization, follow the steps to set-up your customized MyAlltop account.

What are the benefits of having a customized MyAlltop page for your organization?

  1. Staying abreast on the top news relevant to your organization.
  2. Providing your clients with insight into your organizations’ thought process.
  3. Share relevant content through your different social networking sites.

Take a look at MyAlltop page which is a collection of news sites that reflect my personal and professional interests. I also scan the headlines of the alltopics listed above as well as Hawaii, KGMB9, Lifehacks, and more.

Here are more examples of MyAlltop pages:

MyAlltop also received a recent upgrade making reading RSS feeds via an iPhone much easier. If you’re not reading what’s going on in your industry, your competitors are — so don’t delay.