Pono Media: Building Communities, Through Social Media

For more than a year my email signature read: “Pono Media [Coming Soon!]” and I probably purchased the domain name before then too.  I knew that I wanted to launch my own startup, however finding it’s focus was a challenge.  Media is my passion, but it was too broad, if I were going to make a difference in the world, I needed to narrow down my focus.  Internet marketing too was too broad of a scope, however by combining the two and acknowledge the path that media and marketing has embarked, I knew that social media marketing was my focus for Pono Media.

Established in February 2009, Pono Media is a social media marketing company that builds communities through social media.  Social media and its tools have allowed viewers, readers, and consumers to become publishers.  No longer is media a monologue, but a conversation with the ability to span the globe.

Are you aware of the conversation being conducted about you, your organization, your brand?  It’s happening.  Do you have a clear strategy in joining the conversation? You should.  Is your entire team trained and able to implement the strategy? They should be.  Do you have an online community? It’s time.

Pono Media is building communities, through social media and would like to teach you to do the same.