10 reasons why you should attend SOBCon2010

Last year, I attended SOBCon: Biz School for Bloggers in the beautiful City of Chicago and was literally blown away by my experience, knowledge gained, and most importantly engagement with others.  In no particular order, I provide you 10 reasons why you should attend SOBCon 2010: Where the Virtual meets Concrete:

  1. Founders, Liz Strauss and Terry Starbucker are genuine people who consistently engage with their community.  I am a regular reader of both of their blogs often sharing their forward thinking leadership posts.  Liz was recently named one of the Top Social Media Strategists to Watch in 2010.
  2. Like I mentioned above, it’s held in Chicago, IL!  Last year was my first visit, and during my walk through the city I was captivated by the historical architecture.  I am looking forward to returning with my family to revisit the places that took my breath away and maybe this time @oprah would be up for a tweetup!
  3. 2010 will be about smaller groups, focused content, and most importantly fostering relationships to build and strengthen your communities.  SOBCon targets a group of 150, allowing attendees to build relationships, thereby build their communities.  My tablemates, Becky McCray, Sheila Scarborough, and Paul Merrill continue to be an encouragement for me personally and professionally.
  4. Speaking of Becky and Sheila, this year they’ll be speaking!  Since last SOBCon, they’ve launched their new startup, Tourism Currents which provides web learning resources for the tourism industry.  Hawaii are you listening?
  5. SOBCon is business school for bloggers and this year’s focus is strategy and tactics for integrating online and offline social marketing.  Speakers, attendees, and sponsors alike are there to learn, grow, and network together.  It’s serious business, with a splash of fun.
  6. There’s a great line up of other forward thinking thought leaders who have been doing all sorts of great things in their communities.  To dangle a few golden carrots aside from the wonderful people I’ve already mentioned, Chris Brogan, Jason Falls, and Ted Murphy are on the program.
  7. If you’re a brand new blogger, consider registering for the New Blogger Boot Camp which is only 1-week, into the 8-week webinar.  It’s run by SOBCon alumni, Kristen King and will be a great “first course” leading into SOBCon2010.
  8. On the third day of the event, Geoff Livingston of Zoetica Media, a social enterprise that serves nonprofits will host the Nonprofit “Give Back” Event.  Nonprofits will have 10-minutes to present their value proposition, and then attendees will work together for one hour to develop ideas for online and offline social networking to help young nonprofits build awareness, gain support, and promote their cause.
  9. Go to your community.  Although I live in Hawaii; my audience, network, and community reside beyond the islands.   Therefore, I have to go to them in order to grow in all areas.
  10. This year I’ve been asked to participate on a panel and I am so very humbled by for the speaking opportunity.

Seats are being filled quickly, so REGISTER TODAY!