Mantra: Look, See, Move

Back in January I attended a seminar where I was introduced to the mantra of “Look, See, Move”. It’s a rapid decision-making process when presented with opportunities or faced with challenges. Without taking action, opportunities come and go quickly, by contrast challenges left ignored intensify. Since then, it’s a mantra I hold myself true too each step of the way.

Know Thyself

The first step I took in practicing this mantra began with knowing myself. For many, self-awareness is an uncomfortable process, however for most of my adult life I have implemented a routine of self-evaluation combined with feedback from a core group of people. I know what’s in my skill set, which tools need to be acquired, sharpened, or left behind. And, I’ve surrounded myself with people who remind and share with me other tools to be successful in life. Becoming aware of oneself is equivalent to going through a refinery, however the transformation is worth the heat.


One of the greatest tools I possess in life is the tool of acceptance. It’s the one tool I’m always armed with, yet there have been times when I’ve placed it back in my toolkit and picked up denial or judgmental instead. We all know the disasters that occur when wielding the tools of denial and judgement; damaged relationships, failed projects, but worse it chips away at our being. In my case, I oppress my authentic self. By practicing acceptance of my strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures, encouragement, rejection and more; I am better able to accept the same in others. It’s almost like a daily express refinery!


In his book Enchantment, author Guy Kawasaki focuses on how to change the hearts, minds, and actions of others. In his chapter How to Achieve Trustworthiness” he begins with trusting others. “…if you want people to trust you, you have to trust them.” It’s simple, yet after going through the refinery I found that I didn’t trust others as I had desired to be trusted. Not only trust others, but completely trust myself. Trusting oneself and then others is a refreshing experience that allows for the rapid decision-making required for “look, see, move”.

Remember, it’s rapid decision-making based on knowing yourself, accepting completely, and trust. Since I’ve put this into practice I’ve had more abundant relationships, more focused goals, and most importantly a better life. I want abundance in all areas of my life, “look, see, move” is a new process that leads me towards this. What do you want more of in your life?