Take a pause to rethink life

This month is unusually busy for me with multiple deadlines for different projects. It’s all self-inflicted self-induced. All of last week I could feel the tension creeping up my neck and down arms into my fingers. Friday was particularly unbearable, so Lilinoe booked me a massage to alleviate the stress.

During my consultation, I informed my regular masseur about the pain, especially on the right-side due to stress. He replied, “Neenz, you need to do something about that stress. My brother just passed away due to stress.” In a follow-up discussion I learned that his brother was the same age as me (mid-40’s) and looking through pictures, much smaller in stature and weight.

I acknowledged the unhealthy practice of choosing my work over my health and immediately began breathing in gratitude and exhaling attitude. I concentrated on the now moment, not allowing my mind to drift to those deadlines and projects. I let go…of the stress and pain I had elected to pick up.

But, as I type this…it’s all back. Well, not all, but the creeping of stress is persistent. As I mentioned earlier it’s self-inflicted due to my own choices. This has caused me to rethink life and again ask myself, is it worth the price?