The power of giving

This past weekend Jayden Boy participated in the Basic for Kids seminar facilitated by the principles of PSI Seminars. He’s the last of our family of four to attend the first step in a series of seminars. As parents, we understand the importance of empowering our children early and arming them with lifelong tools. Some of the tools he added to his toolkit are the importance of communication, cooperation, and compromise.

Last night, exhausted with gratitude, the four of us crowded onto our bed and listened to Jayden share about his experience. At one point, he shared his challenges and frustrations during a particular exercise. I recognized how he mirrored me and my behaviors, both positive and negative. Together, we walked through how he could have better applied his three new tools. And, to be brutally honest, I too learned how in similar situations I can be a better communicator, be more cooperative, and find compromise. It was a pretty powerful moment in our family’s relationship.

I wanted to share another powerful moment in his graduation ceremony captured via video by a friend. The sound quality is weak, however I believe viewers can feel our unconditional love. Each parent was instructed to connect with their child through eye-contact and then share three affirmations. Lilinoe and I spoke from our hearts as we affirmed Jayden Boy with: amazing, brilliant, t’awesome (not just awesome, but t’awesome), courageous, and our superstar!

As their parents, Lilinoe and I remain steadfast in our commitment to give to Chelsea and Jayden Boy.