Embarking on new challenges

“The purpose of Women’s Leadership is to create leaders, empowered by their wholeness as women, and committed to living their vision by actively contributing to the world.”

Back in December 2011, I completed a 4-day seminar aptly called The Basic. There, I became more aware of my strengths and abilities, as well as a set of “programs” in which I operate. Much of what I participated in that weekend were reminders of tools that I had forgotten about or worse yet, purposely left behind along the way of my life journey. By the end of my experience, I wanted so much more in life.

This past January I stepped onto the grounds of High Valley Ranch for the next seminar. To sum it up, it was the best week of my life ever and up until then, I’ve had tremendously blessed life moments.

Tomorrow morning I embark on a new challenge, Women’s Leadership Seminar. But this time, it’s extra special, this time I take that step together with Lilinoe. We are very excited to be able to experience this together. You see, Noe completed the Basic and PSI7 a month after I did, both times. So, to be able to step onto the ranch together, yet allow each other to experience and grow as individuals is very powerful and encouraging for our friendship and more importantly our relationship.

There was a lot of preparation for us these past several weeks. We’re ready. In fact, we’re ALL IN ready. We both want more in life, we both want to be stronger and more passionate leaders in our communities. But really, we just want to be the best parents to Chelsea and Jayden.

So, tomorrow begins an unplugged 9-day journey. Yes, again unplugged so no iPhone, iPad, or MacAir. No social networks, status updates, or Instagrams. The last time I did this, to be very honest I only wanted the phone capabilities of my smart phone…not the smart part when it was time for me to turn it back on.

As always, be good to each other.