The secret to wealth

This weekend I was afforded a comped opportunity to participate in the Wealth Fundamentals Interactive workshop. It was everything I didn’t expect. Sure, we touched upon finances, investments, and even did some math; however the most powerful tool that I walked away with was the secret to wealth. Now as the above definition describes, wealth is an abundance of anything, so keep this in mind should you choose to read on.

“WEALTH [welth] noun 1. an abundance or profusion of anything; plentiful amount: awealth of imagery.”

Co-Facilitator Kyle Shimoda, Finance Specialist with Wealth Strategy Partners shared that in his 7-years as a consultant and advisor there is one thing that standouts with his successful clients that his unsuccessful clients do not possess. I too was eager to learn what this thing was because I wanted it!

The secret to wealth is your mindset. Now, that you’ve read the secret to wealth some of you will get it, some of you won’t, some of you are still waiting, and some have already stopped reading. Those of you still with me, let’s move forward.

Purpose Statement

After learning the secret, we took a few minutes to write out our purpose statement also known as a personal principle statement or personal mission statement. Yes, like a corporation or nonprofit organization, individuals should have a personal principle statement.


Sometime in the early 90’s I was on a mission to understand the meaning of life in between surf sessions, hanging out with my friends skateboarding at Moanalua Gardens, and on my lunch break at Town & Country Surf. It was then through random conversations and reading that I came up with the following:

“My purpose in life is to be a light…”

It’s as far as I got back then, however as decades past I understood that in order for me to be the light I believe I am to be, I must live and be an example worthy of illumination. And, through my life I will illuminate a pathway towards an abundant life for myself, my family, and others. I have a more condensed version, however I’m in a details, rambling kind of mood. Thank you for staying with me.

To Think Is To Create

I don’t remember when I first heard the saying, To Think Is To Create, however since I attended the Basic seminar last December it has become one of my personal mantras. By integrating this mantra into my daily meditation, I am much more aware of the conversations I have with myself. This awareness allows me to sharpen my focus on the now and to be clear on my journey towards my goals.

In the workshop, we were instructed to make a list of voids in our lives and then dug a bit deeper into our thoughts and actions through answering six core questions. I won’t share the core questions as I want to encourage you to take the workshop, however I will share what I discovered.

One of my voids was ideal physical health. For the past couple of years, I do some sort of physical activity each day, unfortunately it’s not enough to burn the weight I picked up the decade before. So, while I’m at least doing something, I’m still doing the very least. No surprise that after honestly answering the core questions, physical health was not on my list of values based on my thoughts and actions.

So, no shit I don’t have my ideal physical health in my life, it’s not very high on my list of values! Rather than beat myself up, I am committed to completing the action items provided at the end of the workshop and work towards shifting my mindset.

The Fundamentals

If there’s a pre-requisite for this workshop, it’s the ability to be brutally honest with self. If you’re unable to look inside and become aware of your thoughts, actions, and environment then you likely will not get what this workshop delivers.

  • Complete the Values Determination Process and learn to Link Values.
  • Understand the inner mindset of wise investing.
  • Answer the six BIG questions bringing clarity to your WHY.
  • Create a new and improved budgeted lifestyle.
  • Add and integrate wealth into your unique system of values.
  • Prioritize and create a plan to eliminate debt.
  • Debunk habits of immediate gratification, illusions, and fantasies.
  • Outline a step-by-step process for creating a great fortune and money making opportunities.
This four-hour workshop is only the first step and the team is offering a 90 Day Transformation Program. In this program, participants will receive an array of financial resources through facilitation of Dr. John F. Demartini’s Secrets to Financial Success. A pre-launch is scheduled on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 7:30pm HST to prepare participants for the next 12-weeks. If you’re interested, email the facilitators here.