Her journey

In December 2011 I completed a 4-day seminar that inspired me to change my mindset, grow to become a better person, and live a life of abundance. Soon after; Noe, Chelsea, and Jayden joined my journey and as a family we completed all seminars in less than a year. The way I describe our growth as a family is that we were great before we learned and sharpened the tools gained in the seminars, we wanted awesome. And today, we have such a closer family bond through true unconditional love and support of one another.

For those of you that have either spent time with the two of us or follow our shared content online, you know how much I love Lilinoe. She inspires me to be greater than I see myself. She reminds me to love with a gentle kindness. She makes me laugh until we’re both out of breath. And, more than seven years ago she made my daydreams come true and healed my broken heart.

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 6:30pm Noe will be sharing her story of  her personal journey. I invite you all to come and listen. This is her very first public speaking appearance. She will give the audience a glimpse into her life after recovering from a head-on collision that left her in a coma and metal plates and rods that hold her body together. She will share about rebuilding and reinforcing relationships in her life. And, she will share about how she began building the infrastructure of Pono Networks.

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