Design Thinking at the Hawaii Rotary Global Peace Forum

Last year I was fortunate enough to form a partnership with Bank of Hawaii. My company, Pono Media, LLC is contracted to facilitate Introduction to Design Thinking workshops for their associates. It’s a fascinating experience to share the innovative process with their team. One associate reached out and encouraged me to submit my application to conduct an Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop at the 2013 Hawaii Rotary Global Peace Forum.

I did and yesterday was informed that my application was approved.

“A Global Peace Forum is an opportunity for people of different ages from different parts of the world to gather to share ideas and develop strategies to progress toward a more peaceful world.  Honolulu’s forum is encouraging the next generation of leaders to leap into the limelight and share their dreams for next steps in the journey.”

Rotary International is the governing body and District 5000 (Hawaii) is in charge of the organization and logistics of the forum. The forum is expecting to attract “a new generation of decision makers” and everyone interested in peace is encouraged to attend.

As technology evolves and competition increases, organizations are required to innovate or go the way of dinosaurs. Design Thinking is a set of mindsets that combines analytical and intuitive thinking and applying it toward solving a specific problem. This transformational process produces innovative solutions organizations require.

Take a look at the entire schedule. Join me for a 1-hour challenge on Friday, January 25, 2013 from 10:30am – 11:30am in Room 302AB.