Building a community for Kana’iolowalu

I am Native Hawaiian.

The history of the Native Hawaiian people demonstrates innovation, engineering brilliance, courage, and bravery. The story also contains more than a century old disrespect that continues to painfully impact Native Hawaiians across the globe. This pain has caused all sorts of disagreements and divisions.

Look. See. Choose. Move.

For most of the past year one of my personal mantras has been to look, see, choose, and move. Instead of looking, seeing an opportunity, scheduling a meeting to discuss the opportunity, require a study to investigate the weight of the opportunity, then making a choice to have another meeting to discuss the study, until finally possibly months or years later make a choice to move — I have the courage and the support system to move in my life. We all do.

I support Kana’iolowalu

I and we could spend the rest of our lives debating the issues and discussing the points to develop the right plan and time will pass as we eventually will. I choose to support Kana’iolowalu now. Here’s a video of “Native Hawaiian Roll Commission Chair, Former Governor John Waiheʻe, speaking about the increased importance of Kanaʻiolowalu because of other unsuccessful efforts; highlighting how many of the “heros” who came before us, “signed up for” numerous lists and initiatives, in the face of impossibilities. This is now our chance to do the same.”

FAQ 07: Why Kanaʻiolowalu now, after all the other attempts? from Oiwi TV on Vimeo.

Native Hawaiian can learn more and to register here.